• Chris Hayman

    Chris Hayman

Operating Team


Seatrade House
42 North Station Road
Tel: +44 1206 545121
Fax: +44 1206 545190

  • Andrew Williams

    Andrew Williams
    General Manager

  • Emma Howell

    Emma Howell
    Group Marketing Manager

  • Grant Elrick

    Grant Elrick
    Head of Sales

  • Mary Bond

    Mary Bond
    Managing Director for Publishing

  • Vanessa Stephens

    Vanessa Stephens
    Global Events Director and  Managing Director Seatrade Middle East

  • Helen Robinson

    Helen Robinson
    Finance Business Partner

  • Donna Smith

    Donna Smith
    HR Manager


  • Mary Bond

    Mary Bond
    Managing Director of Publishing, Editor of Seatrade Cruise Review & Seatrade Cruise News

  • Bob Jaques

    Bob Jaques
    Editor, Seatrade Maritime Review

  • Viv Marsh

    Viv Marsh
    Production Manager

  • Fiona Hockey

    Fiona Hockey
    Production Editor, Seatrade Maritime Review, Seatrade Cruise Review

  • Libby Isted

    Libby Isted
    Editorial & Production Assistant


  • Vanessa Stephens

    Vanessa Stephens
    Global Events Director

  • Lynn Olorenshaw

    Lynn Olorenshaw
    PA to Vanessa Stephens

  • Sue Cleary

    Sue Cleary
    Sponsorship Manager

  • Karen Heasman

    Karen Heasman
    Event Manager, Cruise Portfolio

  • Chris Morley

    Chris Morley
    Event Manager, Maritime Portfolio

  • Simone Carr

    Simone Carr
    Conference Registration Manager

  • Claudia Black

    Claudia Black
    Events Executive

  • Emma Bond

    Emma Bond
    Events Executive

  • Desi Zlatkova

    Desi Zlatkova
    Events Executive 


  • Deborah Scullion

    Deborah Scullion
    Conference Manager, Cruise & Maritime Portfolio

  • Olga Jaques

    Olga Jaques
    Conference Manager, Freelance

  • Emma Willy

    Emma Willy
    Conference Content Executive, Cruise & Maritime Portfolio


  • Grant Elrick

    Grant Elrick
    Head of Sales

  • Helen Sebborn

    Helen Sebborn
    Sales Coordinator

  • Chris Adams

    Chris Adams
    Group Sales Manager

  • Ian Vernau

    Ian Vernau
    Group Sales Manager

  • Marie Gresham

    Marie Gresham
    Exhibition Sales Manager

  • Glen Spooner

    Glen Spooner
    Advertising Sales Manager

  • Victoria Philpot

    Victoria Philpot
    Exhibition Sales Manager, Cruise Events

  • Helen Walters

    Helen Walters
    Business Development Manager


  • Steve Swallow

    Steve Swallow
    Database Manager

Design & Web

  • David Andrews

    David Andrews
    Web Development Manager

  • Sally Ramplin

    Sally Ramplin
    Web Designer and Build Manager

  • Gemma Crayston

    Gemma Crayston
    Graphic Designer

  • Amanda Sebborn

    Amanda Sebborn
    Graphic Designer

  • Ashley Symeou

    Ashley Symeou
    Graphic Designer


  • Emma Howell

    Emma Howell
    Group Marketing Manager

  • Nina Marston

    Nina Marston
    Marketing Manager, Cruise Portfolio

  • Claire Ball

    Claire Ball
    Marketing Manager, Maritime Portfolio

  • Dan Chapman

    Dan Chapman
    Marketing Executive

  • Charlotte Thornton

    Charlotte Thornton
    Marketing Executive


  • Helen Robinson

    Helen Robinson
    Finance Business Partner

  • James Sheffield

    James Sheffield
    Finance Business Analyst

Dubai Office

PO Box 114547
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 05683420

  • Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson
    Head of Sales, Middle East

  • Arshed Hussain

    Arshed Hussain
    Regional Sales Manager

  • Adam Whitehead

    Adam Whitehead
    Business Development Manager

  • Antanina Severdiajeva

    Antanina Severdiajeva
    Marketing Executive

  • Afril Garcia

    Afril Garcia
    Receptionist/Admin Support

  • Ruby Barretto

    Ruby Barretto
    Telesales Executive

Singapore Office

Seatrade Communications Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Hoe Chiang Road
#20-05 Keppel Towers
Singapore 089315
Tel: +65 6592 0888
Fax: +65 6221 2282

Seatrade Communications Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Marcus Hand

    Marcus Hand
    Editor, Seatrade Maritime News

  • Lee Hong Liang

    Lee Hong Liang
    Asia Editor

  • Cyrus Commissariat

    Cyrus Commissariat
    Senior Regional Sales Manager

  • Kathryn Ng

    Kathryn Ng
    Regional Sales Manager

  • Helen Ong

    Helen Ong
    Senior Event Manager

  • Daphne Yuen

    Daphne Yuen
    Marketing Manager, Asia

  • Joelle Quah

    Joelle Quah
    Senior Marketing Executive

  • Jeannette Seet

    Jeannette Seet
    Event Service Manager

  • Chan Yew Keong

    Chan Yew Keong
    Operations Manager

Hong Kong Office

17th Floor China Resources Building
26 Harbour Road, Wanchai,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2585 6172
Mob: 852 6030 0350

  • Victor (Mainak) Halder

    Victor (Mainak) Halder
    General Manager, Hong Kong & East Asia

China Office

358 Dongdaming Road
Suite No 1813, SIPG Building
Shanghai 200080 P.R. China
Tel: + 86-139-1772-7671 (China)
Tel: +65 9181-0637 (Singapore)

  • Li Xiaoli

    Li Xiaoli
    Executive VP, China

Latin America Office

Conjunto Santa Biblana 2
Unidad 12-1, Vereda Canelon
Cajica, Cundinamarca
Tel: +57 1 866 11 71

  • Christophe Cahen

    Christophe Cahen
    Regional Manager, The Americas 

  • Jorge Luis Rojas

    Jorge Luis Rojas
    Sales Representative - Central & South America