Paul Bartlett

Paul Bartlett


Paul Bartlett is a maritime consultant and editor of Seatrade's annual Green Guide and twice-yearly Middle East Workboat and Offshore marine publications, as well as being a former editor of Seatrade Maritime Review. Paul's vast experience of the maritime industry spans three decades and all the continents, and has included spells working in specialised ship finance companies.

Synergy Offshore chief executive, Fazel Fazelbhoy, revealed the scale of the downturn facing OSV operators in Middle East waters when he moderated a session of regional updates at Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats Middle East yesterday. Generally, the picture was bleak although the Saudi market has shown signs of life recently as Saudi Aramco invites bids for various major offshore projects.

With shipyards fighting for work and cash-strapped operators deferring repairs Albwardy Damen md Lars Seistrup believes there has never been a better time to book a major repair job.

Banks should play a much more proactive role in badly needed consolidation across the offshore support vessel sector, said René Kofod-Olsen, chief executive of Topaz Energy and Marine, as he declared that the last thing that was needed was another round of new contracting.

Oil and gas companies that have slashed jobs since the oil price crash could well find it difficult to recruit staff with the right skill sets when exploration and production (E&P) spending picks up again.

Seatrade Offshore Marine Workboats Middle East opens its doors on Monday morning against a backdrop of firmer oil prices and positive sentiment.

Hamburg-headquartered Caterpillar Marine stands to benefit from its US-based parent’s advanced digitalisation capability as it ramps up data and digital services to its shipping customers.

Fleet Secure, launched at Inmarsat’s London headquarters yesterday, is an all-inclusive, real-time, managed monitoring service, providing shipowners and managers with the cyber security protection needed to guard against malicious attack or malware, detect vulnerabilities, and respond to threats.

Ship delays, port penalties and frequent spells of off-hire are the price that ship operators will pay unless they choose ballast water treatment systems with great care.

Italian ferry firm Grimaldi, one of the early movers in International Paint’s innovative carbon credits programme, has been awarded nearly 110,000 credits worth more than $500,000 in the first phase of its hull coating upgrade programme.

Wärtsilä-owned Eniram launched Skylight in London’s Baltic Exchange on Monday. The new performance monitoring tool is designed to raise tanker and bulk carrier efficiency at a cost of just EUR460 a month, inclusive of hard- and software and performance reports for customers.

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