Like every other aspect of the shipping landscape, the role of “sell side” equity analysts covering the maritime industry is undergoing a major shift, notably with the discontinuation of coverage by Morgan Stanley in the US.

Maritime companies have generally failed to gain respect from investors. With a few exceptions, share prices are below the net asset values - a proxy for the liquidation value if a company could be broken up, assets sold, and debt paid off.

As is the case in most shipping sectors, the Greek footprint is becoming more evident in the transportation of gas.

Chinese leasing transactions can no longer be viewed as an alternative source of financing, but rather as a fast developing prime source of finance and on the way to becoming an equal to the European and US financial markets.

Aegean Marine Petroleum Network- a seller of marine fuels, listed on NYSE with symbol “ANW”, has had a difficult voyage lately. A happier journey may be looming, if the positive turn outlined in a recent news release works out as described.

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. Exactly a year ago, the day after 2016’s Election Day, at the Marine Money Forum in New York, someone asked Wilbur Ross, the keynote speaker whether he might join the Trump administration. Ross, a noted investor and Trump pal around the New York social scene, had advised Trump on various economic matters previously.

Scorpio Bulkers has sold two kamsarmax bulkers for $45m.

LNG shipping forms the intersection of shipping and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and business prospects are good – but do investors really understand it?

John Fredriksen’s Frontline is seeking to takeover rival tanker owner DHT Holdings in a stock-for-stock deal.

The chairman of Marfin Investment Group (MIG), Andreas Vgenopoulos and 14 Marfin Popular Bank executives are facing felony charges in connection to a loan allegedly granted to investment firm IRF owned by Greek shipowner Angeliki Frangou.

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