While we applaud the efforts of the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) to keep calm in the world’s largest bunkering port after the dramatic collapse of OW Bunker one cannot help but wonder if at least some of its efforts are falling on deaf ears.

Singapore’s shipping community came together last Friday to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) at Marina Bay Sands.

The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) is pushing for greater development of the city state's maritime insurance and finance sectors, including possibly a war risk mutual.

There is to be a changing of the guard at the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) with longstanding executive director Daniel Tan retiring.

Seatrade has championed the Asian voice in world shipping for a number of years now, both through the biennial Sea Asia event in Singapore, and Seatrade Global sister publication Seatrade Asia Week. The need for Asia to have a proper voice in world shipping is an obvious one. It is the world’s largest shipowning region and the biggest driver of global shipping trade. Achieving this voice in a meaningful and coherent way has been rather more difficult.

SSA’s Port of Lazar Cardenas, Mexico began vehicle handling operations at the earlier this month.

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