Shipping of propane and butane, LPG, a niche corner of maritime markets, has received attention in recent weeks through webinars, conference calls and analysts reports, with renewed optimism about listed companies in the sector.

The influence of US oil output, thought by energy analysts to be loosening the influence of other oil producers, continues to be felt.

The US shale production has been and will continue to be the “biggest disruptor” to activities for the offshore market, which is going through its “worst” period in history, according to Michael Chia, managing director of Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M).

Kinder Morgan’s shipping business in the US has grown over the last 16 years to cover some 180 terminals in the US as well as a tanker company. “Shipping has become much more important to Kinder Morgan,” stated John Mahon, director of business development and commercial sales at Kinder Morgan Terminals, speaking to the Connecticut Maritime Association at their monthly lunch.

The Society of Maritime Arbitrators (SMA) began its 2014 luncheon series with a presentation on “US Energy Independence” by Ken Bogden, director- global oil, at the PIRA Energy Group. Under the leadership of SMA board member Bob Flynn (tasked with responsibility for the lunches), top partner at tanker broker MJLF, recent events have considered topics related to energy.