APL providing free shipping to The Ocean Cleanup to rid the oceans of plastics

APL has announced that it is providing free shipping to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-government and non-profit organisation working to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

APL has committed to transport containers of components and equipment for the extraction of plastic pollution from the oceans from 2019 to 2020.

“In partnering with The Ocean Cleanup, APL seeks to step up our efforts in protecting marine biodiversity. APL is fully behind The Ocean Cleanup’s efforts to remove ocean debris that contributes to habitat destruction and kills tens of thousands of marine animals each year,” said Dennis Yee, APL Global Head of Safety, Security and Environment.

During 2019 to 2020, APL will deliver equipment and components for research programs and clean-up operations globally.

Awareness for the environment and efforts made to protect ocean biodiversity are not new to APL. Operationally, the carrier helps to prevent the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms in ballast water carried by its ships.

Commercially, APL prohibits the carriage of endangered species products including shark fin, dolphins and whales, among others, onboard its vessels.


APL is a signatory of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, joining the fight against illegal wildlife trade.

Globally, APL employees also embrace marine conservation, involving in coastal and waterway clean-up for litter-free seas and rivers; as well as raising funds for marine charities.

Posted 26 March 2019

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Lee Hong Liang

Asia Correspondent

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