Eniram launches upgraded performance monitoring system Skylight2.0

Eniram launched Skylight 2.0, an update of its performance monitoring tool, in Singapore and London on Thursday.

A unit of Wärtsilä, Eniram said that it had it developed the Skylight2.0 upgrade by listening to feedback from its customers from day one of the launch of the existing Skylight product.

“We like to believe and assure our clients that we are a digital service that never stops improving so we are constantly in a mode for review and improvement. We are always listening and rely on customer feedback on their requirements,” said Mohit Batra, who has recently joined Eniram as regional director, commercial shipping for Asia Pacific.

SkyLight 2.0 adds nautical maps, weather layers, and route importation to allow for more predictive analysis and proactive planning by owners and managers. Eniram said that the updated system can also visualise a vessel’s route from economic, environmental, and safety perspectives

“Skylight 2.0 is an important extension of our system and moves towards predictive analysis. This is the first of the major updates and you can expect more improvements and additions towards the end of the year,”

The upgraded Skylight2.0 is available for the same price as the original and is a purely subscription based service, with no additional hardware costs. The upgraded system works on the same portable transponder onboard the vessel as the original system.

There is also no lock-in period on the contract underscoring a confidence that Eniram has in its product.

Posted 16 June 2017

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Marcus Hand

Editor, Seatrade Maritime News

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