Indonesia to tackle piracy by establishing safe anchorages

Indonesia will demarcate designated safe anchorages within some ports in an effort to tackle the issue of piracy in national waters.

“The association has learned that Indonesian authorities are seeking to tackle the issue of security in their national waters and are taken further steps, including steps by the Indonesian Marine Police, in having designated safe anchorages within some ports, which will be monitored and patrolled regularly,” said Skuld P&I Club in an advisory, republished from a statement from Intercargo.

Information from Intercargo said that the designated safe areas include Belawan (03:55.00N-098:45.30E), Dumai (01:42.00N-101:28.00E), Nipah (01:07.30N-103:37.00E), Tanjung Priok (06:00.30S-106:54.00E), Gresik (07:09.00S-112:40.00E), Taboneo (04:41.30S-114:28.00E), Adang Bay (01:40.00S-116:40.00E), Muara Berau (00:17.00S-117:36.00E), Muara Jawa (01:09.00S-117:13.00E), and Balikpapan (01:22.00S-116:53.00E).

Skuld warned that pirates are starting to target tankers in South Asian waters for the purpose of hijackings and cargo thefts.

“This is a very serious new development for piracy risks in these waters, which are already the location of theft and armed robbery incidents,” Skuld said.

Posted 13 June 2014

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Lee Hong Liang

Asia Correspondent

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