Japan Engine lands first order for Tier III marine diesel engine

Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) has landed its first order for an environmentally-friendly marine diesel engine for installation on a 99,000-dwt bulk carrier to be built at Oshima Shipbuilding.

J-ENG said it has developed the Low Pressure EGR System (LP-EGR) for two-stroke marine diesel engine to comply with IMO’s NOx Tier III regulation.

An onboard verification of the LP-EGR was completed in April 2017.

The Japanese engine maker said LP-EGR utilises low pressure exhaust gas from turbocharger outlet and has economical advantage by significantly reducing NOx from the present Tier II regulation while minimising fuel consumption.

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The LP-EGR relies on a simple system arrangement of exhaust gas recirculation line and main components to maintain pressure and temperature gas, thereby reducing operating costs.

The LP-EGR system also has no waste water drainage from the water treatment system, allowing its use in the Northern American and European regions which may expand their restricted areas for drainage water, according to J-ENG.

“As the licensor of Japan’s world class marine diesel engine, J-ENG, receiving this first order for LP-EGR, will continuously move forward to innovate and provide the best Tier III solutions for customers,” J-ENG said.

The 99,000-dwt bulker installed with LP-EGR will be operated by NYK Line.

Posted 19 December 2018

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Lee Hong Liang

Asia Correspondent

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