Smart shipping and innovation to take centre stage at Marintec China 2017

Smart ships, which just two years ago were considered a mere R&D concept, have become the main direction for development in every major shipbuilding country, according to a Marintec China 2017 press briefing.

Major shipbuilding nations like Japan, South Korea China, as well as Europe, have separately formed alliances to develop smart ships, cooperating with research organisations, shipowners, shipbuilders, marine equipment manufacturers, and related cross-sectoral experts. The concerted effort is to promote the development of unmanned ships and smart ships.

In line with the shift to technological innovations, the focus of this year’s Marintec China exhibition will be unmanned ships, smart ships and related equipment and technology.

A Senior Maritime Forum will feature the theme ‘Innovation, Smart Manufacturing, Collaboration’, in tune with the focus of the exhibition. The forum will consist of six sessions, namely keynote speech, shipbuilding and ocean engineering, shipping and ports, cruise, maritime finance and law, and marine technology and equipment.

Marintec China 2017 will also dedicate a special topic on cruise shipbuilding to feature the construction, design and fitting-out of luxury cruise ships.

Other topics that will be discussed include the Belt and Road initiative, intelligent manufacturing, financial innovation, and promoting the healthy development of the maritime industry, among others.

In addition, a roundtable on internal combustion engines, a conference on numerical tanks and a seminar on water jet propulsion technology will be held on the sidelines of the show.

To date, there are 15 country/region pavilions participating at the biennial show, which is projected to attract over 65,000 visitors and more than 2,000 exhibitors with the exhibition space covering 90,000 square metres.

Compared to the 2015 edition, these three figures are expected to grow to reach a new record.

The growth in the size of this year’s show came despite the ongoing downturn of the global shipbuilding and offshore engineering equipment markets.

Marintec China 2017 will be held on 5-8 December in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai.

Posted 04 September 2017

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Lee Hong Liang

Asia Correspondent

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