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The International Transport Workers’ Federation has condemned a “lack of effective regulation” that led to the sinking of general cargo vessel Swanland and the deaths of its six crew.

The crew of Sunship’s City of Xiamen, taken hostage off the coast of Nigeria last month, were released at the weekend.

Lloyd’s has amended its risk codes to include a new class of insurance covering seafarer abandonment.

LEADING international classification society Bureau Veritas has set up a web-based system which will help shipowners to cut certification time for the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 dramatically. BV says the system is needed because some shipowners are leaving it until late to seek the necessary MLC certification.

London: Seafarers have raised concerns at a lack of due process in criminal investigations, following publication of the IMO’s serious crime draft guidelines.

London: A series of draft guidelines concerning serious crimes on board  ships has been approved by  the IMO’s Legal Committee at its 100th session.

CrewInspector.com has been selected by Lowland International to provide its online crew management software to Lowland group of companies. Agreement stipulates full integration of Lowland offices across the globe into single crew management system enabling to do crew management, crew payroll and customer invoicing.

CrewInspector successfully transferred all crewing related information from legacy database to the new crew management application as well as integrated offices and employees based in Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus, Romania, Latvia and Ukraine.

Crewing software enables Lowland to do crew recruitment through integrated online application form and automatically distribute all seafarer applications among responsible office. Using CrewInspector crew managers now can easily prepare all relevant crew documents with few clicks in the system, including crew employment contracts, crewlists, guarantee letters and much more saving lots of time and reducing manual effort.

Following Lowland internal procedures, crew payroll module enables wage calculation on permanent and temporary crew employments, ensuring optimum flexibility managing contracts for seagoing personnel and long term employees.

In the future Lowland International expects ongoing crewing software development with tailored functionality to satisfy all internal needs and achieve workflow efficiency.

“We are proud on taking Lowland International onboard on top of our other Dutch clients. Lowland is one of the top names in shipping industry with long history in the market. It was challenging project and we learned lot of new things from them, in the same time we have gained confidence that with CrewInspector we can solve nearly any task within crew management industry”, says Andy Lipsberg, Co-Owner of CrewInspector.

“We are glad to have chosen for CrewInspector, the easy access of the system. The “hands on mentality” from the people behind Crewinspector made this whole transfer from our personal information system and payroll system to a success. And we are looking forward in the upcoming sessions to develop the system to the next level so Lowland can provide her clients with much more efficiency.  Marinus van Dam, Dept. Director Lowland International.

Croydon: The International Committee on Seafarers' Welfare (ICSW) and the International Seafarers' Assistance Network (ISAN) have merged to form a new organisation, the International Seafarers' Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN).

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