The future is in end-to-end management of dry bulk cargoes, especially coal, and Indonesian company Asian Bulk Logistics (ABL) is positioning itself to be ahead of the curve in terms of meeting the requirements of clients as a potential cabotage ruling on certain bulk cargoes from Indonesia looms.

Jakarta-based shipowner and operator Asian Bulk Logistics (ABL) is looking at expanding its horizons beyond the Indonesian market to develop a global bulk shipping fleet, initially launching a programme to expand its network of operations in the Indonesian bulk shipping sector.

Samudera Shipping Line saw recovery in its key container shipping business even as it appeared to leave its home Indonesian market to seek its fortunes on further shores.

As the container port industry in Asia develops rapidly, some of the opportunities may be in unexpected places and some port operators could benefit from a refocussing of their ambitions.

Following on the heels of a strong protest from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) last week, European shipowners have also spoken out against a decree imposing a cabotage policy on certain commodities that Indonesia has adopted recently.

ICS has put in a robust response to an Indonesian ruling essentially putting in place a cabotage policy on certain specific dry bulk and vegetable oil cargoes.

Indonesia is forecasted to market at least 264 liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargoes this year, local reports said.

Samudera Shipping Line has disposed of another aging container vessel used in the domestic Indonesian trade for $1.28m.

The interest of countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar and other similar stage countries is that they are going through a rapid development phase now and there is a need to boost infrastructure. 

Indonesian state-owned port operator Pelindo III will issue global bonds worth $1bn to fund several development projects, including the construction of the overpass to the Teluk Lamong terminal in Surabaya, the deepening of the Benoa port pond in Bali, and the construction of the Gili Mas quay at the Lembar port in Lombok, local reports said.

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