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The Standard Club has praised Bimco’s adaptation of its Guardcon contract for use in security arrangements off West Africa.

Two British nationals continue to be held by Nigerian authorities without charge since 21 March, despite local 48 hour charge or release laws.

Three suspected piracy incidents have been recorded in or near the Strait of Hormuz in the last 24 hours, including exchanges of gunfire.

Advanfort has dismissed lawyers Ince & Co ahead of a bail judgement later this week for the 35 crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio in India.

Dryad Maritime has warned of the biggest surge in West African pirate attacks “since Dryad’s records began”, following eight attacks in three months.

Private maritime security firm (PMSC) Drum Cussac has reported a 16% increase in business in the second half of 2013, versus the same period in 2012.

Private maritime security companies should ideally be held to one internationally recognised standard, according to the European Commission.

General cargoship Marzooqah, thought to have suffered the first successful merchant vessel hijacking since 2012 on Saturday, had in fact been boarded by Eritrean Border Guards.

Piracy has dropped to its lowest level in six years, according to watchdog the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), as a result of the sharp decline in attacks off Somalia.

The Greek government’s main aim once it officially assumes the rotating presidency of the European Union on 8 January is to reach a quick conclusion to talks with the country’s troika of creditors.

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