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A 3,000-litre cargo of crude palm kernel oil was stolen from a barge in Malaysian waters late last week, while the barge was being towed by a tug.

Maritime piracy and security are not as hot a topic as they were a few years ago, but anyone in the industry who thinks these problems have been solved are deluding themselves.

The number of pirate attacks worldwide continued to fall in the first quarter of 2016 but the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) warns of increasing violence in West African incidents.

Maritime security firms Port2Port and Neptune Maritime Security are merging in a sector where consolidation is seen as “inevitable and necessary”.

A report by US tech firm Verizon outlines a case of a series of pirate attacks targeting high-value containers, identified in advance by hackers.

Gulf of Aden and Somali pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean evaporated in 2015, International Maritime Bureau (IMB) findings indicate, with the majority of the 246 recorded attacks instead taking place in Asia.

The 35 crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio have been sentenced to five years hard labour by an Indian court.

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) says a crackdown on piracy in Southeast Asia is bearing fruit.

Dryad Maritime says piracy incidents in Southeast Asia were up 38% in the first nine months of the year with gangs operating with “apparent impunity”.

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB), has called for a global information sharing centre combat piracy.

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