China’s ailing shipbuilding sector has seen a near one-third year-on-year decline in newbuilding orders over the first half of this year, leaving work-hungry Chinese yards still struggling to stay afloat in the troubled sector.

Following the unveiling by Beijing of the names of 60 shipyards literally called the ‘white list’, the communist government has recently announced another batch of names - just seven of them this time - for offshore shipyards.

The spring season in China has just passed, but for Chinese shipyards it has certainly not been a season of rejoicing that is typically associated with spring. With the shipbuilding sector battling through a prolonged recession and the consolidation continuing at an unrelenting pace, many Chinese shipbuilding enterprises, even those that were once doing well, have collapsed.

Up to half of the Philippines maritime schools may not make it to a “white list” that comply with the European Maritime Safety Ageny's (EMSA) standards for STCW compliance and certification.

The recently announced Chinese shipyard “white list” is meant to be a step-change for China’s shipbuilding sector in terms of singling out yards that are worthy of policy support.