Wan Hai confirms bumper order for 20 new boxships

Taiwan’s Wan Hai Lines has made a bumper order for 20 new container vessels with Japanese and Chinese shipyards.

The newbuilding contract includes eight 3,036-teu container vessels to be built at Japan Marine United (JMU) and twelve 2,038-teu container vessels at Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard/China Shipbuilding Trading Company.

Deliveries will commence in end-October 2020 and early-January 2021 for the 3,036-teu capacity and the 2,038-teu capacity, respectively.


Wan Hai also has the option for four 3,036-teu vessels within six months and four 2,038-teu vessels within three months.

“The new shipbuilding contract is the company’s latest fleet renewal plan, so as to ensure the company’s vessel fleet is able to maintain competitive and support continuous market development,” Wan Hai stated.

At present, Wan Hai operates a fleet of 72 owned vessels and 24 chartered vessels.

Posted 12 November 2018

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Lee Hong Liang

Asia Correspondent

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