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London: Greek LPG carrier specialist Stealthgas is aiming for a 20% share of the LPG tanker market after raising $115m in its latest public offering.
Hamburg: Marenave Schiffahrts AG recorded a EUR1.5m ($1.9m) loss for 2012, just a week after announcing completion of its restructuring.
Copenhagen: Six seafarers from the Danish vessel Leopard held hostage by Somali pirates since January 2011 have been released.
Singapore: Fincantieri-owned offshore vessel builder Vard has bagged a contract for an Azimuth stern drive offshore tug.
New York: Scorpio tankers says it has yet to realise its full earning potential and eco-ships will be its trump card in the coming years, the company claimed in its…
It is the trickiest of all business decisions: catching the falling knife of the bottom of the market. It would seem though that an increasing number of shipowners believe that…
London: A new not-for-profit professional body, tasked with the enforcement of minimum standards in maritime warranty surveying, has been inaugurated, with representatives from oil companies, the energy insurance market and…
London: Asia-based smaller tanker owner Yujin International has reversed its decision to delist from the London Stock Exchange after it has been approached by a potential investor.
Piraeus: Two seafarers have drowned and a further eight are missing after boxship Consouth collided with general cargo vessel Pirireis, 75nm off Sapienza.
Oslo: Norwegian offshore shipbuilders, owners and equipment suppliers are the principal beneficiaries of strong growth at the country’s Guarantee Institute for Export Credit (GIEK) whose guarantees and offers now exceed…
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