APL adds port calls to Asia - Med services

APL has added new ports of call to its Mediterranean Express 1 (MX1) and Mediterranean Express 2 (MX2) services.

The company said it will add new ports of calls with Durres, Albania and Thessaloniki, Greece, to its MX1 service; as well as Novorossiysk, Russia Black Sea and Poti, Georgia to the seaports which its MX2 service is calling, the company said.

The extended network of the MX1 and MX2 services demonstrates APL’s emphasis on providing a comprehensive global connectivity. North Asian shippers with an interest to penetrate the European markets of Albania, Greece, Russia and Georgia can now rely on the enhanced MX1 and MX2 services for market access. 

Currently, the improved MX1 service is calling the ports of Qingdao, Busan, Yangshan, Ningbo, Xiamen, Nansha, Yantian, Singapore and Malta where shipments are transhipped to Durres and Thessaloniki.

The refined MX2 service is now calling Qingdao, Yangshan, Ningbo, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Yantian, Singapore and Piraeus where cargoes are transhipped to Novorossiysk and Poti.

APL is part of the CMA CGM Group.

Posted 06 October 2017

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Michele Labrut

Americas Correspondent, Seatrade Maritime News

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