C-MAP launches intergrated back-of-bridge software suite

C-MAP is launching its new back-of-bridge suite of software providing an integrated offering for customers.

The Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS) 2.0 combines digital and paper chart publication management, portfolio and data update management, route planning and weather, and full voyage optimisation.

“This is the complete back-of-bridge software application that covers the mariners onboard from voyage planning to execution of the voyage. It includes optimisation of the route, which includes weather routing as well as planning based on official electronic charts,” John Psychas, managing director of C-MAP Hellas, told Seatrade Maritime News at SMM 2018

If the vessel does not have the required ENC onboard the officer is able to order the chart.

Seatrade Maritime News is reporting live from SMM 2018

“This software onboard is the result of five to six years work because before that we had three or four different softwares onboard to cover the specific needs of the mariner.”

A beta version of the software has been tested with major customers of C-MAP prior to its launch. The software is a subscription based system with customers able to pay for individual modules or the full suite.

Using the optimisation software C-MAP says owners can achieve savings of 3 – 4% as an average over a period of operation.

Posted 05 September 2018

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Marcus Hand

Editor, Seatrade Maritime News

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