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Damen joins the ice party with new Arctic tug

Damen has launched a specialised supply vessel design  for the High North, the Arctic Modular Towing Supply Vessel (AMTSV), capable of operating in 1.6m ice at 3 knots.

Due to the 100 m long AMTSV being ice-strengthened, the vessel’s centre of gravity is low enough to allow for large LNG tanks to be placed on top of the superstructure, enabling the vessel to be fully LNG-powered, running on dual-fuel engines. 

The design can operate in the Barents Sea year round and in the Baffin Bay and Beaufort Sea for 8 months, with the accommodation capable of keeping the temperature above zero degrees indoors with an outside temperature of -55 degrees. 

Azipod technology allows the double-acting design to use its icebreaking stern to travel through ice stern-first. The vessel can then move through open water bow-first, with no loss of hydrodynamic efficiency. The design also includes a 300 tone double-acting winch, enabling the AMTSV to tow in both directions. 

The vessel was designed in co-operation with students from the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands, and Aalto University in Helsinki, along with DNV, Dutch hydrodynamics and nautical research institute Marin. 

Posted 26 June 2013

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