Greek fleet grows by 3.5m gt in 2016

The Greek shipping community has long slammed the Athens government for not taking advantage of the potential the maritime industry offers to the struggling Greek economy and the latest overview of the Greek fleet adds weight to the argument.

Despite the on-going tax issues and the country’s economic woes the growth of the Greek-controlled armada continues at a pace and at the beginning of March stood at record levels.

The fleet of ships over 1,000 gt 1 March comprised 4,084 ships of 329m dwt and 192.4m gt, just seven vessels more than a year ago, but some 8.16m dwt and 3.52m gt more.

The figures include 196 vessels of 20.6m dwt and 12.34m gt, on order from shipyards around the globe according to data compiled for the 30th consecutive year by the London-based Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee (GSCC).

However, the home flag fleet has decreased in all categories and according to data provide to the GSCC shipowners’ body by IHS Markit, the Greek flag flies over 747 ships, of 75.21m dwt and 43.71m gt, a significant loss of 62 ships, 3.74m dwt and 2.34m gt over the 12 months.

In fact, the Greek flag is the third choice of home owners with the fleet registered under some 41 flags all told, led by the Marshall Islands which gained 74 ships in the 12 months to March, ahead of Liberia which gained 31 ships. Cyprus gained 13 ships, and Malta four overall with, like the Greek, a decrease for all other flags.

Notably, Greek parent companies represent 25.2% of the world tanker fleet and 16.2% of the ore and bulk fleet. Overall, the Greek owned fleet comprises 7.6% of the world’s ships, 13.7% of gt and 16.2% of dwt.

Average age of the Greek-controlled fleet in ship terms increased slightly but, nevertheless, continues to be 2.9 years below the world average age standing at 10.3 years. It is 8.7 years in terms of gt and 8.6 years in dwt terms.

When it comes to classification, LR's Greek fleet comprises 834 ships (856 ships in 2016); ABS: 768 ships (779 in 2016); ClassNK: 744 ships (732 in 2016); BV: 688 ships (681 in 2016); DNV GL: 668 ships, down from 702 ships in 2016 and RINA 191 ships, a gain over the year of 26 ships. When it comes to the Greek flag fleet, LR has 223 ships (261 in 2016); ABS 207 ships (211 in 2016); DNV GL 117 ships (130 in 2016); RINA 80 ships (78 in 2016); BV 66 ships, (77 in 2016) and ClassNK 20 ships, down five from a year ago.

Posted 17 March 2017

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David Glass

Greece Correspondent, Seatrade Maritime

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