Intercargo calls for quick and thorough investigation into Stellar Daisy sinking

Intercargo has called for a quick and thorough investigation of the causes of the sinking of the VLOC Stellar Daisy that has left 22 seafarers missing.

The 1993-built, 266,000 dwt Stellar Daisy sank in the South Atlantic last weekend leaving just two survivors and 22 crew missing. The cause of the accident remains unknown although there have been reports that the vessel’s hull cracked and it split in two before sinking.

In a statement Intercargo stressed the timely submission of the casualty report to IMO to identify the causes of the accident and allow corrective actions.

“Intercargo encourages the Flag State and all stakeholders (eg Classification Society and P&I Club) involved in this regretful event to be mobilised swiftly and cooperate fully, in order to submit as quickly as possible to IMO a thorough and quality report investigating its causes. Lessons need to be learnt promptly after maritime casualties.”

Separately IMO secretary-general, Lim Ki-Tack, said: “It is expected that there will be a full investigation into this accident and that the results and findings will be brought to IMO so that we can do whatever may be necessary to reduce the chances of such an incident happening again.”

The vessel was found to have six defiencies at a Port State Control inspection on 7 Febraury this year in Tianjin, two related to the water/weathertight conditions of doors, while were Maritime Labour Convention breaches and one pollution regulations.

Intercargo praised the search and rescue (SAR) efforts to the casualty, and took the opportunity to highlight the importance of such services close to major shipping lanes.

“In its aftermath, the shipping community should be concerned about the non-availability of sufficient SAR capabilities in the vicinity of busy shipping lanes around the world and revisit this issue,” it said.

Lim said: “And I would also like to offer my commendation to all those who have been involved in the search and rescue operations. Such operations are never without risk yet those who undertake them do so readily and without fear of the consequences to their own lives. They deserve our appreciation and gratitude.”

Posted 07 April 2017

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Marcus Hand

Editor, Seatrade Maritime News

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