Investments in green shipping pay off: Norwegian PM Solberg

As the Norwegian government moves to be one of the leading actors in the push to green shipping Prime Minister Erna Solberg says their experience is these investments pay off.

Speaking at the opening of Nor-Shipping 2019 PM Solberg said that the maritime industry had the opportunity to be at the forefront of technology and become a key player in reducing emissions.

“Reducing carbon emissions in the maritime sector will not only reduce our overall domestic emissions it will also build global competiveness in this growth segment. My government will soon launch an action plan for green shipping,” she stated.

Norway’s ambition is to cut CO2 emissions from domestic shipping and fishing by 50% by 2030 over the levels produced by the industry in 2005.

“Our experience is that investments in the green shipping pay off. These investments are not just good for the environment but also employment and the economy,” she said.

Seatrade Maritime News is reporting live from Nor-Shipping 2019

Norway has been a major proponent in the use of LNG as fuel for ships as well as using batteries to power ferries.

“Norway started early with vessels fuelled by liquefied (natural) gas this has technological development, reduced air pollution and created an international market,” the PM said.

There are now more than 300 gas powered vessels in operation in Norway and by 2022 there will 70 battery-powered ferries, 30% of the total worldwide.

But even as LNG and battery power takes off the move to zero carbon fuels of the future is already underway. “But we must remember we need to develop third and fourth generation technology even while the second generations are still in their infancy. That is why we have car ferries with hydrogen electric propulsion in place as early as 2021,” PM Solberg said.

“We will promote low and zero emissions solutions in all segments and we are confident our policy will inspire similar development in other countries.”

Posted 04 June 2019

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