LR approves innovative low-carbon VLCC design

Lloyd’s Register has awarded approval in principle (AiP) to a Hyundai Heavy Industries ‘eco tanker’ design for a VLCC capable of combining volatile organic compounds (VOC) recovered from the cargo tank and LNG in a dual-fuel system, with the addition of Norsepower’s rotor sail solution for wind-assisted propulsion.

The development was the result of a joint collaborative project between HHI, LR and Norsepower, with the AiP presented at a special ceremony held at Nor-Shipping.

The VOC recovery system was developed by HHI and will allow the VLCC to use fuel produced from naturally-occurring vapour from the cargo tank during operation.Installation of Norsepower rotor sails, a modern adaptation of the Flettner rotor, is expected to provide additional 5-7% fuel savings depending on operating routes.

LR facilitated a high-level hazard and operability (HAZOP) workshop for the LNG fuel supply system and associated technology in accordance with its ShipRight Procedure for Risk-Based Designs.

“This LNG-fuelled VLCC is a clear step towards meeting the IMO’s 2050 GHG goal,” said Nick Brown, LR's Marine & Offshore director, during the presentation ceremony for the AiP certificate. 

“We have focused on developing clean and smart ships that are technically reliable and commercially feasible,” said Hong-Ryeul Ryu, vp in the initial design office of HHI. “We believe that these efforts will bring us a step closer to the future.”

Posted 06 June 2019

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Bob Jaques

Editor of Seatrade Maritime Review

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