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Recent clarifications of US Coast Guard policy show that care is needed when choosing a ballast water treatment system. For long-term compliance, the choice of supplier can be as important as the choice of the system itself.

With the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention in force, owners and shipyards are beginning to look seriously into the retrofit challenges ahead. Having already done so for many years, Alfa Laval has channelled a decade of practical experience into a well-developed retrofit offering – covering both technical and collaborative needs.

Alfa Laval has added its new FCM One Gas solution to its FCM One family, the company’s new generation of high-performance booster systems.

Alfa Laval is expanding its Aalborg, Denmark testing and training centre to accommodate new development of alternative fuel technology, including LNG.

Alfa Laval will be presenting its “Count on Alfa Laval” conference programme at Nor-shipping, a brace of seminars ranging from the challenges of dealing with legislative compliance to alternative fuel use and emission control area requirements.

The proven capabilities of Alfa Laval PureBallast – which include operation in fresh, brackish or marine water and in low-clarity water with just 42% UV transmittance – are now available to significantly smaller vessels. Alfa Laval’s ballast water treatment technology, which was submitted for USCG approval in March 2015, can now be used in systems for flows of 87 m3/h.

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