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Damen has launched a specialised supply vessel design  for the High North, the Arctic Modular Towing Supply Vessel (AMTSV), capable of operating in 1.6m ice at 3 knots.

Iceland has announced its intention to build a new port in north-eastern province Finna Fjord, in cooperation with Bremenports, in order to take advantage of increasing interest from shipping in the Arctic Ocean.

Representatives from major shipping nations met with the secretary-general of the IMO and board members of the ICS to discuss Arctic shipping at a private ministerial-level summit held in Oslo this week.

We take a look back at who said what at Nor- Shipping 2013 and the issues that got people talking.

With a growing interest in Arctic shipping and offshore exploration in the far north, Norwegian government and industry officials are calling for regulation of activities.

Aker Arctic has announced a new beefed-up version of its "Oblique" ice-breaking Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) – the ARC100 Heavy Duty (HD).

London: In a move toward a unified standard in Arctic operations, IUMI has backed plans to create a declaration of best practice for operations in the region.

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