A Philippine-flagged bulker Action Trader collided with a dolphin at the dockside in the Port of Gresik, Indonesia.

Time is of the essence in ship casualty response and the way things are done now, operators are often already on the back foot with a delayed start to a process that can quickly escalate.

The criminalisation of two mariners in the case of collision involving the City of Rotterdam and the Primula Seaways is now reliably seen to have occurred after pleas of  guilt which were put into Court “for personal reasons”. 

Three vessels that grounded in the Port of Durban have been refloated, including the containership MSC Ines that blocked the entrance to the port. However, port operations remain suspended.

Typhoon Pakhar, Hong Kong's second typhoon in a week claimed yet another maritime casualty, with 11 crew having to be airlifted off a sinking cargo vessel about 64 nm east of the city on Sunday morning at the height of the storm.

Ten port workers were injured when a CMA CGM container vessel collided with a quay crane at Jebel Ali Port, causing it to collapse.

“Ships are like living creatures” my old lecturer in naval architecture (we called it “ship construction” in those days) used to say before suggesting that they needed to be treated with kindness, in terms of maintenance and the avoidance of unnecessary stress.

Intercargo has called for a quick and thorough investigation of the causes of the sinking of the VLOC Stellar Daisy that has left 22 seafarers missing.

A Vietnam-flagged general cargoship crashed into houses on the Chao Phraya River after leaving Bangkok Port on Wednesday.

Twenty-two seafarers are missing after the VLOC Stellar Daisy sank in the south Atlantic.

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