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The 1,740 teu container vessel Hansa Brandenburg is adrift in the Indian Ocean, having suffered a serious fire enroute from Singapore to Durban.

A fire on an Indian-owned tanker off Malaysia is believed to have left one crew member dead.

As a shipping journalist it was with some sadness that I read email update number 24 from Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) on the MOL Comfort casualty on Thursday morning. It was the not unexpected news that the fore section of the broken boxship, which had been burning for five days, had sunk to the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Following the sinking of the fore section of the MOL Comfort on Thursday ClassNK says it expects to complete preliminary investigations by September.

The fore part of containership MOL Comfort sank in the Indian Ocean in the early hours of 11 July, Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has confirmed. It brings to an end a three week struggle to save the vessel after it broke in two in heavy weather.

The blaze aboard the fore section of the MOL Comfort remains unabated for a fifth day, with the company reporting that “observations show that most of the containers on deck have been burnt out”.

Fire is raging out of control for a fourth day on the wreck of the MOL Comfort in the Indian Ocean.

Three more survivors and two bodies have been found over the weekend following Bangladeshi cargo vessel MV Hope’s capsize in heavy seas on Thursday night off Thailand, leaving six still missing.

The Indian Coast Guard has joined the battle to put out a fire raging on the wreck of the MOL Comfort.

Fire continued to rage for a second day on the fore section of the wreck of the MOL Comfort that is being towed to the Arabian Gulf.

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