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Korean authorities report that Chinese general cargo vessel Cheng Lu 15 sank off Pohang, South Korea, taking eight of the vessel’s crew with it.

A cargo ship carrying up to 20 seafarers is believed to have sunk in the seas off West Bengal after it was hit by cyclone Phailin, Indian officials were reported saying.

IMO secretary-general Koji Sekimizu has called for the laws of the sea to be changed or re-interpreted to prevent overcrowding incidents such as occurred on the migrant boat that sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa last week.

Two container vessels have collided in waters off the western island of Shikoku, Japan late on Wednesday, according to the Japan Coast Guard (JCG).

London P&I club has called attention to improper ECDIS operation as a cause of a number of recent accidents.

A Chinese crew member is being detained in Japan following a collision between two cargo ships that resulted in the deaths of at least five seafarers in the early hours of Friday morning.

Robert Ward, president of the International Hydrographic Organisation, yesterday used his platform at the International Maritime Organisation’s World Maritime Day symposium to call for every vessel to carry an echosounding logger and make their findings available in a “crowdsourcing” of hydrographic data.

A report by the International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners has found the number of bulk carriers lost during 2012 represents a significant decrease over the 2011 figure.

The IMO has passed a draft amendment making container-weighing verification mandatory, in a bid to increase ship safety.

Marine insurers have warned that growing government regulation of wreck removal is driving up costs, and some measures introduced could warrant legal challenges.

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