Chinese leasing transactions can no longer be viewed as an alternative source of financing, but rather as a fast developing prime source of finance and on the way to becoming an equal to the European and US financial markets.

China and Greece intend to use the shipping industry to expand relations between the two with China's Transport Minister, Li Xiaopeng saying his country made the geo-strategic choice to strengthen bilateral economic and trade cooperation with Greece.

Singapore is to set up the first 3D printing production facility on-site at port to produce equipment parts.

Scorpio Group’s massive about turn on scrubbers to order 146 exhaust gas cleaning units for its tanker and bulker fleets is a “commercial opportunity to burn cheap fuel”, according to the shipowner’s managing director.

Wärtsilä has opened a technology Acceleration Centre in Singapore with its first project to develop an autonomous tug, or IntelliTug, in partnership with the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and customer PSA Marine.

New Japanese container line joint Ocean Network Express (ONE) is forecast to lose $600m in its first year of operation with lower than expected volumes caused by issues with its IT systems and higher than expected fuel costs.

The first meeting of the UK’s Green Maritime Council, which aims to plot a course for zero emissions from the country’s maritime sector, was held on Monday.

Firmer oil prices and improving sentiment have been catalysts for several key strategic moves in recent days, as offshore contractors align themselves to make the most of the imminent upturn.

Membership of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) has topped the 100 mark with the recent addition of tanker titan Frontline and container line ZIM.

Quah Ley Hoon, a chief editor at Singapore broadcaster MediaCorp, is to take over from Andrew Tan, as chief executive of the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

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