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The Athens residence of UK ambassador to Greece, Kate Smith was the focus of a 'cyber attack' 5 March, but UK expertise in cyber security prevailed. The attack was the showcase of a presentation at the residence by the UK Society of Maritime Industries, which allowed attendees during a presentation on the challenges of maritime cyber security to take part in a tailored cyber 'war game'.

The apparent plight of seafarers and alleged inaction of the Hong Kong Ship Registry (HKSR) has been brought to light by a suit against the Hong Kong Marine Department (Mardep), the South China Morning Post reported.

The Panama authorities have started the process of cancelling the registration of two vessels linked to trading with North Korea.

The Guangzhou-based owners and operators of the Hong Kong-flagged product tanker that was seized by South Korean authorities for transferring oil to North Korea denied any knowledge of its activities and claimed that it was simply the charterer, local media reported.

Sierra-Leone-flagged general cargo ship Jin Teng has been detained in the Phillippines, on suspicion of having been operated by blacklisted North-Korean firm Ocean Maritime Management (OMM).

The Philippines Coast Guard has become the first to carry out a UN-mandated inspection on Jin Teng, a general cargo vessel associated with North Korean trades.

The UN Security Council today votes to impose mandatory inspections of any cargo vessel leaving or entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) say that Senat Shipping & Trading blacklisted by the US last week for its dealings with North Korea failed to respond to requests for information from the UN since last year.

The US Treasury has blacklisted Singapore-based Senat Shipping and Trading over alleged business links with North Korea.

A judge acquitted and ordered the immediate release of three North Koreans detained in Panama since 2013, when they tried to transit the Panama Canal with undeclared weapons aboard the vessel North Korean-flagged Chong Chon Gang.

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