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In yet another setback for the 35 crew of Seaman Guard Ohio, the Madras High Court Bench refused an appeal to suspend their five-year “rigorous imprisonment” sentences.

The crew of the Seaman Guard Ohio are seeking legal representation as their case in India is due to move from magistrate court to sessions court.

It could take up to six months for the trial in India of the crew of Seaman Guard Ohio to begin, following a reversal of the judgement a year earlier that they have no charges to answer.

Private maritime security companies (PMSCs) are moving into protecting merchant vessels taking onboard refugees from the scores of desperate migrant vessels in the Mediterranean as a new business area.

Pirate attacks in Southeast Asia were more than double those recorded off East and West Africa combined in the first quarter of 2015 according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB).

Drum Cussac is selling its maritime transit security division to Ambrey Risk for an undisclosed sum.

Seafarers and private security guards from Advanfort’s Seaman Guard Ohio patrol vessel now face further detention and re-trial in India, after a last-minute appeal against the Indian High Court’s verdict to drop all charges.

The Standard Club has praised Bimco’s adaptation of its Guardcon contract for use in security arrangements off West Africa.

Thirty-three out of the 35 crew of the Seaman Ohio have been bailed by an Indian court from Friday, after being held since October. However, the Ukrainian captain of the Seaman Guard Ohio and the British team leader of its guards will remain in jail.

Advanfort, the private maritime security company at the centre of an Indian detention scandal, has revealed its president resigned in November 2013.

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