Ship manager Anglo-Eastern has highlighted the use of virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) as part of its training programmes allowing seafarers to learn new skills in a risk free environment.

What do you mean by the phrase –“long-term crew strategy”? In recent years, in our beloved shipping industry, I have tended to believe that it is trying to find a Second Engineer with a chemicals endorsement and US visa, for a ship leaving Singapore next Tuesday.

There will be more consolidation in the ship management sector as company founders decide on their future and mid-sized managers come under pressure, believes Anglo-Eastern ceo Bjorn Hojgaard.

As part of its efforts to promote seafaring as a career the Singapore Maritime Officers Union (SMOU) has invested SGD4m ($3.2m) in a simulation centre.

Singapore government and unions are investing SGD22m ($17.3m) over the next five years to train 400 officers to serve on Singapore-flagged ships.

As part of the implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, Panama Ship Registry has issued Circular 265 in which it defines who will benefit from MLC 2006’s welfare and labour standards and the 12 professions that should not be considered seafarer under labour regime, including cadets.

The Singapore Maritime Officers Union (SMOU) is targeting to train 500 Singaporean cadets a year to increase the numbers serving on vessels under the national flag.