Ocean Network Express (ONE) is urging shippers that have not posted General Average and Salvage Security on undamaged containers from the Yantian Express to do so or risk further delays and risk to the rescue plan for the cargoes to be unloaded from the vessel that suffered a cargo fire on 3 January.

The service provided by container shipping lines has deteriorated since 2016 and is now seen by exporters, importers and freight forwarders as more problematic, but performance in terms of sustainability/green and carrier financial stability has improved, according to the second annual shipper satisfaction survey by Drewry and the European Shippers’ Council (ESC).

The sharing of data will be the big revolution that will change the logistics and container shipping industry in the future. However industry players have different views on whether it will be a disruptive change or just improving the way things are done.

The changes caused by the new alliances and their impact on the fleet situation could have a dramatic effect on the container line business in a few years' time.

The deadline for shippers to collect laden containers from Hanjin Shipping at PSA’s Singapore terminals has expired.

The European Shippers’ Council (ESG) and the Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) have joined forces to raise concerns over the impacts of new container shipping ‘alliances’ and their increasing use of 18,000 teu mega-ships.

Senior container line executives are hopeful that the collapse of Hanjin Shipping will show shippers that always trying to get the lowest possible rate can have major negative consequences.

As a war of words continues between shippers and terminal operators in Hong Hong over the handling of Hanjin Shipping containers, Hutchison’s Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) says it has a team of 70 staff dedicated to the issue.

In the wake of the Hanjin debacle, the Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association (HKCTOA) said in a press release that it is making "dedicated efforts to take contingency measures to minimise the disruption to the South China supply chain".

It has been two weeks since Hanjin Shipping dropped what Seaspan’s Gerry Wang likened to a nuclear bomb on the supply chain and huge uncertainty remains as to how the bankruptcy of the world’s seventh largest container shipping company will be unraveled.

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