The growing appeal of Cyprus as a shipping hub is apparent when one looks at the numbers.

The launch this week of Cyprus’ first of the standalone Deputy Shipping Ministry is being hailed as a major step forward towards strengthening the country as a maritime centre.

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades has called on the country’s shipowners and shipmanagers to add their weight to efforts by the government to further strengthen the island’s position in the shipping world within 2017.

With shipping and shipping related issues likely to play an important role in government plans to raise revenues and meet the demands of creditors, Greece’s incoming leftist-led coalition government has a New Ministry, Shipping and Island Policy.

In the run-up to Greece’s 25 election the winning national opposition party Syriza unveiled its clearest indication of what lies in store fort shipping should it be asked to form a government. A week before the key the election took place Seatrade Global's Greece correspondent David Glass examined what Syriza's victory would mean to the country's shipping sector.