Live From SMM 2016

Live From SMM 2016

The Seatrade Maritime reporting team bring you all the key stories in the run-up to, and live on the ground during, SMM 2016, the international shipping exhibition.

Total Lubmarine launches new lubricant suitable for fuels with any sulphur content

Jean-Philippe Roman, technical director of Total Lubmarine Jean-Philippe Roman, technical director of Total Lubmarine

France’s Total Lubmarine has launched a new single oil solution Talusia Optima, a cylinder lubricant suitable for use with fuels ranging in sulphur content from 0.0% to 3.5%.

The official launch of the product was announced at SMM 2016 in Hamburg, Germany on Thursday.

“We have accumulated more than 20,000 hours of tests and services since we started on developing the new oil solution,” said Jean-Philippe Roman, technical director of Total Lubmarine.

Roman pointed out Total Optima is designed for operations of diesel engines, and it is the first cylinder lube to allow ships to use in and out of Emission Control Areas (ECAs) without the need to change lubricant.

Serge Dal Farra, global marketing manager of Total Lubmarine, said that due to the changing requirements of fuel sulphur content, there is “increased complexity for people operating these two-stroke engines today.”

The new cylinder lube, compatible with high-sulphur heavy fuels and ultra low-sulphur distillate fuels, uses ash-free neutralising molecules (ANM) which provide super-neutralisation, outstanding cylinder cleanliness and the potential to reduce feed rates.

“We are confident that Talusia Optima will extend the life of engines it is used in and with well monitored feed rate reduction programmes in place, offer potential savings on lube spend,” Roman said.

“Tests conducted during sea trials have all shown that Talusia Optima’s resistance to adhesive wear is better than that of conventional BN100 cylinder lube oils, and piston coating wear rate is improved by 30%,” he added.

Posted 08 September 2016

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