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Wärtsilä, MAN D&T in joint-industry project on efficient engines

Wärtsilä, MAN Diesel & Turbo and 30 others will collaborate EU-funded joint-industry project Hercules-2, for more efficient two- and four-stroke marine engines.

Coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens, the project comprises 32 partners from 11 different companies, 16 universities, and five research organisations.

Running for three years, Hercules-2 will examine alternative fuels and the optimisation of fuel switching, new high-temperature materials, new adaptive control methods to improve engine life span and performance, and after-treatment of exhaust gases to achieve near-zero emissions.

"The greatest of the many benefits stemming from Hercules-2 will be the development of new technologies that have a positive impact on our customers' profitability,” said Ilari Kallio, vp of Engine R&D at Wärtsilä. “Another is the significant contribution this project will make to more environmentally sustainable shipping.”

MAN D&T vp R&D head Søren H. Jensen said "Hercules-2 is a strong platform that will create a basis for the development of technologies applicable to ship engines in four to five years time. We have, therefore, positive expectations and look forward to collaborating with so many cross-industry partners."

Hercules-2 follows up from the Hercules R&D programme for large engine technologies, originally conceived in 2004 by Wärtsilä and MAN D&T. The Hercules-2 technologies will eventually be employed aboard large ships.

Posted 06 July 2015

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