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Wärtsilä to launch new dual-fuel engine range

Wärtsilä has announced the upcoming release of a complete new range of dual-fuel (DF) engines, due to become available between 2014-2016.

The company reports that it will be making its entire portfolio of low-speed two-stroke engines available as low-pressure dual-fuel engines versions, offering, according to Wärtsilä, reductions in capital expenditure of up to 20%, thanks to a lower cost LNG and gas handling system operating at pressure below 10 bar and requiring no exhaust gas cleaning systems.

The new DF engines will achieve IMO Tier III emissions compliance when running on gas, compared to Tier II (minimum) compliance while running on liquid fuel.

"The benefits of the new low pressure dual-fuel technology for 2-stroke engines are significant,” says Martin Wernli, vice president of two-stroke at Wärtsilä Ship Power. “…the many advantages of being able to use gas and LNG as primary fuel are now, for the first time ever, available to virtually all vessel types. Our well proven technologies for both the engines and the onboard gas and LNG handling systems, can now be applied to this wider market. With the adaption of low pressure dual-fuel technology to two-stroke engines, Wärtsilä brings the proven advantages it has demonstrated in the 4-stroke, medium-speed DF engine market to its two-stroke low speed engine customers."

Posted 12 November 2013

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