Yantian Express shippers urged to post cargo security or face further delays

Ocean Network Express (ONE) is urging shippers that have not posted General Average and Salvage Security on undamaged containers from the Yantian Express to do so or risk further delays and risk to the rescue plan for the cargoes to be unloaded from the vessel that suffered a cargo fire on 3 January.

While fire damaged cargoes have now been removed from the Hagag-Lloyd vessel Yantian Express in Freeport, Bahamas undamaged containers are still on the vessel to be unloaded at a yet to specified location, with a plan to sail in late-April/early-May.

However, a circular from ONE, an alliance partner of Hapag-Lloyd, said some cargo owners were yet to post security on the undamaged containers, a week after a similar notice to customers reminding them of the need to do so.

“To be clear, cargo will not be released until General Average and Salvage Security has been received. Additionally, any fees resulting from the missing security will be for the account of the cargo interest. ONE would again remind all cargo interests that posting General Average and Salvage Security is mandatory,” the latest notice stated.

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With cargoes now set to take over four months to be unloaded after the original fire ONE warned of further delays if security was not posted by cargo owners. “Failure from any of the cargo interests to post Security may possibly cause further delay or ultimately risk jeopardizing the overall rescue plan. Therefore, we appreciate all cargo interests’ immediate attention and action,” it said.

The Yantian Express, which suffered a serious cargo fire that started on 3 January on a transatlantic voyage, is now not likely to leave Freeport until late April/early May to sail to another destination to unload undamaged cargoes. Even then where it will sail to remains unknown at present.

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Posted 18 April 2019

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Marcus Hand

Editor, Seatrade Maritime News

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