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Middle East & Africa

Bahrain shipyard ASRY has announced a record-breaking first quarter revenue of $54m. The results surpass all previous Q1 revenues for the company since its inception in 1977.    
Berthing of vessels at ports along the Suez Canal could be hampered once again by a 1900 – 0600 hrs daily curfew ordered by Egypt’s interim military government.    
Singapore-based offshore shipbuilder and operator Jaya Holdings has announced a profit of $46.1m on revenues of $201.8m for the financial year to 30 June 2013
The misery continues for large tanker owners with VLCCs earning less than $10,000 a day on average. Suezmaxes are doing a little better at almost $20,000 a day, while aframaxes…
Drydocks World says its first Modular Capture Vessel, converted from an aframax tanker owned by AET, has set sail from its Dubai yard.
South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs’ Oil Spill Response team has reported that the oil spill from grounded bulker Kiani Satu is now “under control.”
Five Yemeni soldiers and one guard, guarding the Balhaf LNG terminal in the Shabwa province of Yemen, were killed yesterday by suspected Al-Qaeda militants.
An audacious Al-Qaeda plan to seize Yemeni ports and destroy vital oil pipelines has been prevented, according to the Yemeni government.
The Federal Government of Somalia’s decision to create a coastguard to combat piracy and maintain maritime security by outsourcing the role to a private security firm have hit controversy with…
An unprecedented alert has been issued today, warning of the risk of attack off Yemen by an Al Qaeda-affiliated group.
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