Piracy affects more than 25% seeking support from seafarer crisis centre

Captain Valentin Dudnik of the Seaman Guard Ohio Captain Valentin Dudnik of the Seaman Guard Ohio

More than a quarter of those seeking support from the Sailors’ Society’s Crisis Response Network (CRN) have been affected by piracy the charity revealed.

The network was set-up by the Sailors’ Society in 2015 and now has 52 chaplains trained to offer crisis support to seafarers around the world.

The CRN provided support to its 100th case this week and said that 26% of those seeking support had been affected by piracy. Piracy along with death at sea and abandonment accounted for 59% of cases.

Sailors’ Society’s ceo Stuart Rivers said, “Piracy, and the fear of piracy, is a massive issue for seafarers.

“Survivors of piracy and kidnappings are exposed to violence and terror, which can have a devastating impact on them and their families for years to come.

“That such a high number of those seeking support from our Crisis Response Network have been affected by the trauma of piracy is sadly not surprising.”

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Among those helped by the CRN was Indonesian fisherman Adi Manurung who was held by Somali pirates for five years.

The CRN also supports seafarers who have been imprisoned, often through no fault of their own. These have included Ukrainian Captain Valentin Dudnik of the Seaman Guard Ohio jailed in India, and previously a victim of piracy himself.

Posted 01 November 2018

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