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Ship Operations

Santiago: Chile’s largest logistics company SAAM, that operates tugs, ports and agencies, has signed an agreement with Boskalis Holding BV parent company of SMIT, creating two joint ventures for the…
New York: US-based fuel logistics supply firm World Fuel Services (WFS) saw its first quarter net profit drop due to lower average bunker fuel prices.
Cairo: Egypt’s Suez Canal toll hikes, which raise prices between 2-5%, have been implemented as of today, renewing concerns that shipowners will re-route ships around the Cape of Good Hope…
Singapore: The Myan-Aung, a 1,100 dwt tanker, capsized and sank following a collision with Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K Line) operated car carrier Malacca Highway, on the Yangon river on April…
Copenhagen: Six seafarers from the Danish vessel Leopard held hostage by Somali pirates since January 2011 have been released.
Singapore: The Singapore Maritime Officers Union (SMOU) has helped recover $300,000 in unpaid seafarer wages for the crew of C Whale owned by Nobu Su’s Tomorrow Makes Today (TMT).
Lagos: Three seafarers from Sri Lanka and one each from Russia and Myanmar were taken hostage after 14 heavily armed pirates boarded a container vessel and breached its citadel, the…
Piraeus: Two seafarers have drowned and a further eight are missing after boxship Consouth collided with general cargo vessel Pirireis, 75nm off Sapienza.
Hong Kong: Univan Ship Management celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum on Friday.
London: The London P&I Club's ship inspection programme has revealed a continued failure to meet onboard safety standards relating to enclosed space entry, despite relevant paperwork showing otherwise.
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