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CSX terminals implement Tideworks TOS across entire network

TIDEWORKS-Winter Haven-HR-OCT 19-
Florida-headquartered-CSX Intermodal Terminals’ entire terminal network across 31 sites is now live with Tideworks’ terminal operating system (TOS).

CSX’s largest terminal, Bedford Park, Illinois, marks the final terminal in its network to convert to Tideworks’ intermodal TOS solutions, which utilises Tideworks Intermodal Pro (IPRO) TOS and Traffic Control equipment dispatch system.

“We first selected Tideworks for our greenfield and highly-automated Northwest Ohio Terminal (NWOH) in 2009,” said Gary Van Tassel, director operations planning and network design at CSX Intermodal Terminals. “As we continued to see operational improvements with the conversion to Tideworks, we made the decision to partner with Tideworks across our entire intermodal network.”

The full-network implementation provides terminals and transportation logistics companies with a readily accessible platform to meet operational traffic demands and reduce congestion by streamlining the flow of over-the-road trucks in and out of the terminals.

“The go-live at Bedford Park signifies the final implementation across CSX’s entire existing intermodal terminal network and a major milestone for Tideworks as we expand our intermodal offerings and continue to invest in the North American and European rail markets,” said Thomas Rucker, president of Tideworks. “We highly value our partnership with CSX and are proud of the success of the 31-site implementation.”