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Cyber-security one of the top items on Wiernicki's agenda as IACS chairman

Cyber-security one of the top items on Wiernicki's agenda as IACS chairman
Cyber-security is one of the top items on the agenda for new IACS chairman Christopher J. Wiernicki.

The ABS chairman, president and ceo, who has taken over the helm at IACS said that it will focus on three key areas structural, machinery and cyber-system integrity.

On the hot button topic of cyber-security he wants IACS to advance the creation of a cyber-system safety framework that addresses control systems, software quality assurance, data integrity and cyber-security enhancing the initiative that was commenced in 2014.

Wiernicki will also be focused on ensuring a smooth completion of the initial round of audits for the IMO Goal-Based Standards process.

On the quality front he will seek to ensure that the IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS) remains the “gold standard” for classification society performance.

“By focusing on these three legs of the safety stool, I believe we can build on IACS’ recent achievements and set out an agenda that addresses existing and emerging challenges,” Wiernicki explained. “My priorities for 2015-2016 strike a balance between the completion of ongoing projects and the need to look forward and formulate the next generation of IACS guidelines, unified and procedural requirements.”