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Cybercrime anonymous

Cybercrime anonymous
With the rapid spread of cybercrime one of the issues in tackling the problem is that many companies do not want to admit having come under attack due to the risk to their reputation. This also makes fighting the menace difficult as the scale of the problem is not known and past incidents cannot be learned from.

In an attempt to tackle the problem in shipping, which is faced with a growing risk, the CSO Alliance is bringing together the company security officers (CSOs) and industry bodies in a private secure portal where attacks can be report anonymously and information shared

“The key thing is to collect the data because if they report the crime then we can generate amazing statistics.. and then fuse it with information from other sectors, aviation what is happening ports, what is happening in cruise and pulling it all together we can begin to get ahead of the criminals,” Mark Sutcliffe, director of the CSO Alliance told a media briefing at Nor-Shipping on Tuesday.

Anyone involved in reporting a crime has online access to the portal which includes intelligence from bodies such as NATO and the Information Fusion Centre.

“The CSO Alliance was built by company security officers for company security officers, we had workshops we listened to what we needed. We have 400 CSOs in 40 countries, and what we have done is we have paused while we built up our industry partners,” Sutcliffe explained.

Classification society DNV GL is the latest to join as an industry partner, adding to Bimco, North P&I Club and the Marshall Islands Registry.

“The development of a secure cyber incident reporting portal makes complete sense and is the only way the industry can develop their own security measures to ensure serious incidents are prevented in the future,” said Phil Tinsley, head of security for Bimco.

The alliance has also partnered with an undisclosed major European aeronautics and cyber defence industrial company.

Industry partnerships are not exclusive and Sutcliffe said the alliance was also talking to ABS and the Bahamas Flag.

“This is a team approach to fight crime. Now that we are beginning to get credibility we can begin to step forward. So humility, not a word often used in shipping, is very important. We can't big up what we're doing, we have to get this right all day every day,” Sutcliffe explained.

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