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DP World Cargospeed hyperloop on display at Seatrade Maritime Middle East

A scaled-down model of the much-anticipated DP World Cargospeed hyperloop transportation solution is on display at the Seatrade Maritime Middle East Exhibition & Conference in Dubai this week.

Delegates are invited to enter the pod, which is at least three times smaller than the planned prototype, for an immersive video experience on the new mode of transport that seeks to deliver on-demand cargo and revolutionise the logistics industry.

“Today it is novel, tomorrow it will be expected” the video begins, as viewers are shown a futuristic version of Dubai, where passengers are transported by helicopters and round-nosed trucks ply the roads.

A major shift in consumer behaviour is demanding goods be delivered immediately and DP World says this necessitates an advanced new logistics distribution network.

Throughout history, as the video says, cargo has been the catalyst for transport revolutions and, DP World, in partnership with Virgin Hyperloop One, is looking to deliver the next big leap forward, by pushing the boundaries of innovation and “having the courage to do something different”. DP World Cargospeed is their solution.

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The palletised cargo delivery system is made up of sleek, autonomous capsules that are propelled magnetically through a steel tube by linear electric motors, powered by renewables, while pumps remove the air for an energy efficient, fast drive. The pods, which reach speeds of up to 1,000km an hour, are shown integrating seamlessly with remotely operated ports.

Aside from the display, DP World executives remain tight lipped on the project, declining to add to the information already in the public domain.

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Hyperloop technology has yet to be successfully commercialised. There are a number test sites around the world racing to perfect the technology, and various agreements have been signed for projects to develop passenger and cargo systems, which are planned to come into service by 2021.

The Seatrade Maritime Middle East Conference is part of UAE Maritime Week, which runs until 1 November.

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