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ExxonMobil focusing on high tech lubricants to meet oil and gas industry challenges

ExxonMobil focusing on high tech lubricants to meet oil and gas industry challenges
ExxonMobil is focusing on meeting the challenges its customers in the oil and gas industry face through high technology lubricant products.

Speaking to Seatrade Global recently at Sea Asia 2015, Sachin Maheshwari, global strategic marketing advisor – Mobil Industrial Lubricants, said that when it comes to the oil and gas industry they find their customers are predominantly focused on four areas.

These are firstly operating in harsh environments, be it in the Arctic or locations such as Papua New Guinea, which present challenges in terms of accessibility.

The second area is the development of technologies to be able to extract the resources.

The third focus is productivity. “As you can imagine an FPSO or a rig going down for even an hour has a huge financial impact on our customers,” Maheshwari explained.

The fourth area, which relates to all the other three areas is safety, which remain paramount in the industry.

To help address these areas he said, “Our solution is to focusing on what we call advancing productivity.” These solutions have three legs to them, which are: safety through areas such as minimizing man and machine interaction, environmental care concerns and advancing productivity itself in the oil and gas industry.

ExxonMobil does this through what it calls its high technology products such as the DT10 Excel series and the SHC 600 series. “We’ve been working with our OEM’s for 100 years plus so we leverage that working relationship to create high technology products that help our customers in those three areas – safety, environment and productivity,” Maheshwari said.

For example extension of the oil life by as much as six to eight times reduces wastage, means that there is less packaging and as whole reduces the environmental footprint. ExxonMobil’s SHC (synthetic hydrocarbons) range also deliver energy efficiency gains, for example SHC 600 series delivers up to 3.5% energy efficiency.