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Harvey Gulf selects Cathelco space-saving ballast water system

Harvey Gulf selects Cathelco space-saving ballast water system
Cathelco reports it is supplying its compact ballast water management (BWM) system for multi-purpose field support vessel (MPFSV) newbuild Harvey Stone, under construction at Eastern Shipbuilding in the US for Harvey Gulf International Marine.

Cathelco’s UV treatment system uses only two 100m3/hr UV lamps, saving space and power by passing water through one side and then the other, thereby doubling UV exposure. In addition, the manifolds make the water flow in a helix, ensuring that the maximum surface area is exposed to the UV light source.

The system received IMO Type Approval in May 2014 and went on to gain AMS Acceptance from the US Coast Guard a few months later. The makers say the system is able to disinfect even heavily silted seawater, where UV light transmittance values are as low as 45%, compared with an average level of 75% in ordinary seawater.

“We are one of the few BWT system manufacturers using UV technology that has no restrictions on the salinities in which ships can operate in US waters,” says Peter Smith, sales director of Cathelco. “Our system has been approved and accepted to work in marine, brackish and fresh water, allowing vessels to enter the Great Lakes and other inland waterways.”