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Hipsters replacing harbour-rats along Brooklyn shoreline

Hipsters replacing harbour-rats along Brooklyn shoreline
This past week, the Brooklyn Barge has opened on the waterfront in Greenpoint.

Due to Greenpoint’s geography- abutting the very trendy Williamsburgh neighborhood, and a short tube ride under the East River from Manhattan, it has become a mecca for the young and trendy segments of New York. Around New York, Greenpoint, has attracted hipsters and other species of cool people, replacing the harbour-rats of days gone by. Importantly, New Yorkers have been rediscovering the city’s long-forgotten waterfront, and have been returning to it.

The taps were turned on, in late May (a week ago), just in time for the Memorial Day Holiday- the unofficial start of the summer season. It had opened briefly in late 2015, unfortunately too late in the season to gain much headway.

The 2016 menu includes comfort food- burgers, taco’s and sandwiches and the nautically named tugboat fries, which all can be washed down with a selection of lagers and ales. The venue itself is actually an old scow from New York Harbour, now in the hands of three partners with backgrounds in the towage and hotel management businesses.

The Brooklyn Barge should not be viewed as merely a new restaurant, instead, it should be seen as a sign of a modern sensibility about neighborhoods with an inclusive view of the waterfront and its relationship to its residents. So, the Brooklyn Barge does more than serve food and drink. It’s also a meeting place for educational and environmental events. It offers access to kayaking, sailing and fishing, much like similar spots along the Hudson River in Manhattan. Its three partners hope to attract families.

Out of towners should note that Greenpoint is actually 120 miles from another highly recommended destination- Greenport, which is out at the eastern tip of Long Island’s “North Fork” - noted for wineries - where a Maritime Festival will take place in late September 2016.

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