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Sevan hands over Petrobras corruption investigation report to Norwegian authorities

Sevan hands over Petrobras corruption investigation report to Norwegian authorities
Sevan Marine has handed over a report on corrupt dealings between Sevan Drilling and Petrobras to the Norwegian authorities.

The independent report from Advokatfirmaet Selmer, commissioned by Sevan in June, has been handed over to Norwegian authority for investigation and prosecution of economic and environmental crime (ØKOKRIM).

“The main conclusion of the independent corporate investigator is that it is more likely than not, that illegal conduct in the form of improper payments to obtain business occurred when Petrobras awarded contracts to Sevan in the said time period (2005-2008) regarding Sevan Piranema, Sevan Driller and Sevan Brasil. There are indications of suspicious acts and transactions, constituting both a neglect of Sevan's affairs and/or a conflict with Sevan's interests and such acts may potentially represent economic crime,” Sevan Marine said.

The individuals identified in the report have since left the company.

The company said it had initiated early contact with the relevant prosecutors' offices in other concerned jurisdictions the US, UK and Brazil, in coordination with counsels retained in the relevant jurisdictions.

Sevan chairperson Siri Hatlen stated: "With regret the board of directors has noted the findings from the independent corporate investigation related to contracts awarded in the period 2005-2008. The board of directors has decided to hand over the investigation report to ØKOKRIM."